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We have world-class sommeliers on hand.

Our team has reached the top cohorts of wine tasting competitions. They have experience working in hotels and wineries across East and Southern Africa.

  • 1. Wine Tasting
  • 2. Wine Service
  • 3. Brand Representation
  • 4. Events
  • You can trust us to deliver on our service promise

    We offer knowledgeable edutainment wine tastings. Our approach varies from client to client—be it novice wine drinkers or connoisseurs, we have a passionate and experienced team to host them.

    We also host masterclasses on food and wine pairing in the comfort of your own home, office or online. For team building exercises or corporate events, we have a variety of fun wine tasting experiences we offer that are well suited to the occasion.

  • We are about creating memories that last a lifetime

    We have numerous combined years of experience working on the floor in various establishments. We offer staff training on wine service relative to your establishment and with that comes our man-hours on the floor as a bonus. Among factors that can influence how one enjoys wine;

    the service offered, and ambience created can subjectively be considered very important when dining out. Our desire is to create the best overall experience for your guests, one that they take to heart. Product knowledge is counted as one of the pre-requisites for quality service.

  • Our glass, a touch of class

    We offer brand representation in a very personalized way. We believe while there is a vast selection of wine, it is important to match a wine with an establishment.

    Just as we pair food and wine, we also match your brand with the right establishment where your wine will be visible, and of course consumed in the right context.

  • There is a wine for every occasion—that is the beauty of this fruit of the vine

    Contact us for corporate tastings, private dinners, restaurant events, parties, weddings; in fact, wherever wine is involved. We can source wines if needed or work with your selection to bring a bespoke experience to your guests.

    We do food and wine pairing, wine presentations, wine service, wine education, and floor service; we are passionate about wine and just want to share.

Check out what we've been up to

Here's a glimpse of some of the events we have been a part of across the African continent, from restaurants and hotels, to the serengeti.