Who we are

We have vast experience on the floor as well as in trade. We will represent your brand on all fronts, on- and off-consumption. Our model is to represent you in a way that not only gets your wine into a glass of a consumer but in a way that gets your wine into the hearts of the consumer as well. This can be achieved through training and interaction with various establishments. We will be involved in wine lists where needed and working on the floor where allowed. The idea of this is to bring in not only service etiquette but an in-depth knowledge of your brand to the service staff and guests.

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Wine tastes better when you understand it

Our company was born out of our passion for wine and people. As the South African wine industry grows, we endeavour to be part of the story that will be told in the future, and names that will be mentioned. "Wine tastes better when you understand it", forms the basis of our business model. We are not about wine sales only but about relationships; how and when wine is consumed; the right wine to the right person; the right wine to the right establishment.

Most people have settled for a few known brands and they stick to them because they trust and have understood them. Wine being a very personal product, it is understandable for individuals to stick to a certain known label throughout all imbibing. That is where we come in. For restaurants and private clients, we intend to introduce wines from a broader view, i.e. the technical aspect as well as the philosophy behind a brand and behind a wine. That understanding will benefit not only the producer but also the consumer as they will appreciate the wine/brand from an informed perspective. While this is a mammoth task and a little vague, one person at a time we will achieve our dream.

Proudly African

Our wines are some of the best on the South African landscape, hailing from vineyards across African wine country; a place we are proud to call home.

High Quality Ingredients

Our brands are selected from producers whose wines we believe express their origins—the soil, climate, aspect, winemaking techniques—what we like to call "wines with identity".

Great Taste

Wine is a very personal product and our endeavour is to match the right wine to the right person—the right brand to the right establishment. In a way, all wine can be appreciated when put into context.

Well Known Around The World

This is just a glimpse into the future. We are targeting the growth of interest in wine across the African continent. We envision our brands growing parallel to such.

Whatever your wine needs are, we will assist

We offer a variety of services including hosting wine tastings, in-store promotion, private dinners and events, food and wine pairing and wine lists. We also offer training of staff on wines, wine service and floor service.